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Designed for echocardiography

Featuring our signature curved mattress, the ECHO-FLEX 5002 stretcher with a 9 x 12-inch cardiac cutout facilitates ergonomic positioning throughout patient exams, including in otherwise awkward positions such as imaging the heart.

Maximum capacity of 450 lb.

120 V – 4.0 AMP – 60 Hz


Fowler angle:
0° to 80°

21 to 37 inches


27 x 76 inches

12 x 9 inches, in main mattress

± 15° electric Trendelenburg

Lifetime warranty
on steel structure and welds;

three-year warranty on electrical components;

two-year warranty on mobile parts

Completely designed and engineered in Canada

TP-1, PP-1: Fixed (at the head) or retractable (at the foot) transport handles are available for easy manoeuvring of the stretcher.

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Transport handles

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Transport handles

handle 5002 ibiom

Help patients move themselves on the stretcher during positioning or transfer.

handle 5002 CA 51

Retractable section allows for easier imaging of the heart.

CA-51: Optional additional cutout can be added to the opposite side of the mattress.

CA-52 : Optional positioning cushion with angle adjustment can also be added on the right side.

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Cardiac cutout 2

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Cardiac cutout

3 inches deep.
Allows healthcare professionals to work closer to the patient while maintaining an ergonomic position during an exam.


Easy-to-use backlit controller with three adjustments comes standard.

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Hand controller

BO-3: Optional button control panel can be attached to the side of the stretcher, avoiding any loose cables.

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Button panel

CS-24: Fully retractable side rails (24 x 9 inches) use a strong, secure mechanism to keep your patients safe.

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Side rails

Standard: 3-inch-thick high-density foam mattress.
MA-4T: Optional 4-inch-thick high-density foam mattress.

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Mattress

Fabric is tested for a range of common hospital and clinic cleaning products. It is Oxivir and Virox resistant—a must when infection control is a priority.

PT-6: Adjustable stainless steel IV pole can be attached to either side.

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 IV pole

PD-1S, PD-1, PD-3LIN: Single, double, or triple foot controller available for hands-free patient adjustment.

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Foot controller

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Foot controller

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Foot controller

Protects the mattress and your walls when moving the stretcher.

5-inch twin wheels feature easy-to-use central locking system, available from any caster.

SP-1: Optional paper dispenser is available.

Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 Paper dispenser



Standard colours

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Echo-flex 5002 CA-51 stretcher
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