ECHO-FLEX Ultrasound stretchers

Thanks to its ergonomic design and multiple power adjustments, the  ECHO-FLEX™ stretcher helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders among health care professionals, offering at the same time, the best comfort to the user. The ECHO-FLEX™ stretcher  improves user performance, comfort and the overall quality of the work environment. .  These stretchers reduce hyperextension movements and lost-time related to professional injuries. For more information on all our ultrasound stretchers click here.


echo-flex-4400-g-1The  ECHO-FLEX 4400 GY ergonomic stretcher is the ideal solution to satisfy your medical staff and your wallet. The mattress configuration allows users to get closer to their patients and to work in a more ergonomic position. It allows the patient to climb on the stretcher without using any footstool. Its stirrups are flexible and adjustable and less cold than conventional stirrups. The ECHO-FLEX 4400 GY improves access for gynecological exams.  For additional information on the ECHO-FLEX 4400 GY.


echo-flex-4400-d-1The ECHO-FLEX 4400 DO ergonomic stretcher is ideal for health centers that require basic features at an affordable price. The mattress configuration allows users to get closer to their patients and to work in a more ergonomic position. This stretcher improves user comfort and performance. For more information on the ECHO-FLEX 4400 DO.


Civière ECHO-FLEX 4400-G

The  ECHO-FLEX 4800-G  is an ergonomic stretcher adapted for gynecological exams.   It has flexible and adjustable stirrups that offer better comfort and less cold for patients than conventional stirrups  This stretcher provides security for people of all sizes.   Several options are available for this stretcher, such as: Trendelenburg, which allows rapid blood flow in case of weakness or vagal shock; central lock; Rechargeable Battery Pack;  4 inch mattress; GY triangular cut-out; and cardiac cut-out in upper section of stretcher.


trendelenburg-inverseThe ECHO-FLEX 5002 is the new ergonomic stretcher from IBIOM.   Unlike other ECHO-FLEX models, the standard Trendelenburg option is already included in the model. In addition, this stretcher is the only one that provides the reverse Trendelenburg option. It has a backlit hand control which provides better visibility during ultrasound exams. The ECHO-FLEX 5002 optimizes work performance and can be customized according to your needs.


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