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Equipment manufacturer Allseating offers seats and armchairs for use in hospitals and nursing homes.

Since 1982, Allseating has specialized in manufacturing chairs and seating for all work environments, including healthcare services. The equipment manufacturer Allseating offers collections of chairs and recliners designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors in hospitals, medical clinics, and senior living facilities. Allseating’s primary products include ergonomic office chairs, chairs and tables for waiting rooms, recliners for patient rooms, and stacking chairs for hospital dining rooms and cafeterias.

Ergonomics, durability, and comfort are essential concerns in the design of Allseating  ergonomic furniture, which is created in collaboration with industrial designers. Allseating chairs and recliners are designed to provide long-lasting comfort and prevent muscle pain while creating a modern and inviting setting for patients and residents. Allseating prides itself on manufacturing durable seating for healthcare facilities and offers a warranty of up to 12 years on its medical equipment.

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Ibiom has ergonomic medical equipment for all types of health care establishments: hospitals, medical clinics, medical practices, seniors' residences and others.

Moments Furniture medical equipment: A selection for the general public and residences

The Tuck collection is part of the Allseating medical equipment line suitable for use in healthcare facilities. This collection includes stools, stacking chairs, and swivel chairs on casters. This equipment is often used in hospital and healthcare clinic waiting rooms, cafeterias, and senior living dining rooms.

They are also suitable for meeting rooms and other professional environments. The Tuck equipment collection has a clean design and matches many types of decor, as it offers 11 color choices for the polypropylene seat and 12 color choices for the metal frame. Additional customization options are available to meet patient needs. For example, a padded seat can be chosen to ensure patient comfort in situations requiring prolonged waiting, and all models are available with or without armrests. Structurally, the equipment in the Tuck collection has a solid metal frame made from a single piece.

They are resistant and can support weights up to 325 pounds. Finally, Tuck chairs take up little space when it comes to storage. For example, for the Tuck 4-Leg model with an unpadded seat, up to 20 chairs can be stacked high on a storage cart.

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Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

Do you have specific needs?

Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

The INO chair, a piece of medical equipment from Moments Furniture, distributed by IBIOM

Allseating is also the Foster line of chairs manufacturer for healthcare facilities. This collection of equipment includes upholstered patient and visitor chairs, matching ottomans, benches, and tables. Foster chairs are a popular Allseating equipment for furnishing waiting rooms in hospitals and medical clinics. Various customization options are available to suit different types of spaces. For example, Foster waiting room chairs are available as a single, loveseat, or triple chairs with half or full armrests. A mesh back option is also available.

Foster Collection chairs are easy to clean, as the chair covers are removable, and the space between the armrest and seat is easily accessible.

The Foster collection also includes patient recliners, rocking chairs, and recliners often used to furnish bedrooms, living rooms, and common areas in senior living facilities. For example, the Foster recliner is convenient in patient and resident rooms because it converts into a recliner and bed. This allows a caregiver or family member visiting a patient or resident to rest or sleep while remaining at their loved one’s side. The Foster Patient Recliner is another popular Allseating equipment for hospitals and senior living facilities. This wheelchair is designed to provide comfort for the patient, but it is also optimized to make the caregiver’s job easier. Notably, the armrests are curved to reduce patient shoulder fatigue and swivel to allow caregivers easy access to the patient.