Medical equipment for private practice

Private medical practices

Private medical offices are healthcare facilities that provide light care services that do not require the patient to be hospitalized. A private practice usually has one or more consulting rooms, where medical examinations and treatments are performed, and a waiting room, where patients are greeted.

Medical examinations and treatments performed in private medical offices include, but are not limited to, immunizations, annual check-ups, blood tests, gynecological examinations, diagnostic tests, and care for minor emergencies. Many healthcare professionals provide their services in private medical offices: family physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, nutritionists, etc.

To prevent the risk of these health professionals to suffer from musculoskeletal disorders that can lead to work stoppages, it is recommended that they be provided with ergonomic medical equipment. It should be easily adjustable for the patient to be examined and the task to be performed.

This equipment also includes non medical height-adjustable examination tables and reclining treatment chairs.

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IBIOM distributes equipment from several brands recognized for their quality and ergonomics, including ergoCentric and Allseating.

Why use ergonomic medical equipment in private practices?

During various medical examinations and treatments, health professionals often have to adopt awkward postures or perform repetitive movements. For example, the medical imaging technician must repeatedly stretch the arm and bend the trunk and neck during an ultrasound. Over time, these movements can lead to musculoskeletal disorders or chronic shoulder, back, and wrist pain. Setting up patients or moving equipment are other tasks regularly performed by healthcare professionals that can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain, or occupational injuries.

Using ergonomic medical and equipment designed to ensure the comfort of health professionals and optimize their work effectively reduces the risk of occupational injuries and musculoskeletal disorders among medical personnel. Indeed, ergonomic medical equipment has several adjustment options. Medical professionals can adjust their equipment according to the type of examination to always work in an adequate and comfortable posture. In addition, the adjustment mechanisms of ergonomic medical equipment are generally electric. This allows health professionals to adjust their equipment during the examination and position patients properly without exerting excessive physical effort. Several ergonomic medical equipments are recommended for private practices, including ECHO-FLEX examination tables and the non medical Foster reclining treatment chairs.

Do you have specific needs?

Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

Do you have specific needs?

Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

Medical equipment for private practice: examination tables and treatment chairs

The ECHO-FLEX examination tables are ergonomically designed medical equipment recommended for private medical clinic consultation rooms. These treatment tables are designed to allow medical professionals to work near the patient, thus reducing the risk of injury and pain related to hyperextension. These examination tables also feature electric mechanisms to adjust the table height and backrest tilt at the touch of a button. The ECHO-FLEX 4400-D and ECHO-FLEX 4400-G treatment tables are the two main models recommended for private medical practices. The ECHO-FLEX 4400-D examination table is suitable for general examinations, ultrasound scans, and other medical treatments. The ECHO-FLEX 4400-G examination table is used for the same purposes but is also ideal for gynecological examinations, as it is equipped with a retractable leg section and removable gynecological stirrups. These two ECHO-FLEX treatment tables are an excellent solution for private practices looking for affordable, versatile medical equipment with advanced ergonomic features.

The Foster Patient Recliner is another ergonomic equipment recommended for private medical practices. This recliner chair was designed to provide comfort for both healthcare professionals and patients. For healthcare professionals, this treatment chair is easy to move around as it has four wheels and can be equipped with an optional push bar. To optimize the work of medical staff, the controls can be placed on the left or right side of the chair. In addition, the armrests of the chair swivel to facilitate lateral access to the patient when necessary. For patients, the Foster chair is a comfortable recliner. This recliner chair offers several comfort-oriented features, including built-in lumbar support, a molded foam seat with corrugated springs, an ergonomic footrest, and a reclining backrest to a reclining position. In short, the Foster Patient Recliner is a comfortable and ergonomic furniture designed to make the work of healthcare professionals easier while keeping patients comfortable.

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Medical equipment for private practice: waiting room furniture

In addition to consultation rooms where examinations and treatments are performed, private medical offices usually include a waiting room. They must therefore be equipped with waiting room furniture adapted for use in the medical sector. Several criteria can be taken into account when choosing this furniture. It is recommended, among other things, to choose chairs and armchairs that are easy to clean to control the spread of infections. It is also essential to choose furniture that is reliable and durable, representing a sound long-term investment.

TUCK stacking chairs are an excellent choice of waiting room chairs for medical offices. The frame of TUCK chairs is made of one solid piece of metal, making it very durable. In addition, TUCK stacking chairs are part of a complete line of seating that offers several height options, a wide range of colors, and various upholstery options. This means that TUCK chairs can be easily customized to fit different decor styles and space constraints. Because of their many configuration options, TUCK chairs are versatile equipment. In addition to serving as waiting room chairs for medical offices, they can also be used for meeting rooms and cafeterias in healthcare facilities.

Other medical equipment for private medical practices

An ergonomic office chair can benefit receptionists, greeters, and other employees working at a desk in private medical offices. These chairs offer several adjustment options to fit the user’s body type, allowing them to work in a proper and comfortable posture. For example, ergoCentric office chairs are modular and offer a wide variety of seats, backs, and armrests. This makes it easy to create a chair that is customized to the worker who will be using it daily. Another benefit of ergonomic office chairs is that they help reduce the pain and fatigue associated with sitting for long periods.

Ergonomic stools are an excellent solution for physicians and other specialists performing medical treatments or examinations requiring increased freedom of movement. Ergonomic stools do not have backrests or armrests; they are equipped with casters, allowing medical professionals to move around the examination table to examine a patient easily. In addition, many ergonomic stools, such as the Capiso Saddle 8105, offer a saddle-shaped seat. These seats promote upright posture and help prevent back pain in medical professionals.