We have developed two new products that have been designed to meet COVID-19.

We have designed a bed stretcher that can accommodate patients with COVID-19. This stretcher-bed offers long-term comfort for patients with its 4-inch mattress and is antimicrobial. Click here to view the product brochure.

Portable Isolation Room for Hospitals
We have developed a portable isolation room to restrict the spread of COVID-19. The portable isolation room can be installed on different hospital beds or stretchers. Click here to view the product brochure.

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Covid products

The right position makes all the difference

Reducing workplace injuries and improving patient comfort starts with the right medical furniture. That’s where we come in.

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Positioned for comfort

When it comes to medical furniture, there are always two users to consider: the healthcare professional and the patient. We work to balance the specific ergonomic needs of each user in the design of our products.

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Designing for multiple users

Designed for health care

We work with our customers to design and manufacture products for the realities of everyday use in a healthcare setting. And we test every new product to ensure it can stand up to many, many years of use—even in the busiest centers.

Our R&D process

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We know that the best product is the one customized to the specific needs of your centre. We’d love to show you how we can meet those needs.

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