Here are our medical products which allow you to work more ergonomically.

Several years of research have enabled us to develop an exclusive range of biomedical products, entirely manufactured at our facilities in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.  ECHO-FLEX™ stretchers by IBIOM are a testament to our concerted efforts. Here are our products:

Ergonomic Chairs

For people who work
in a standing or seated
position for long periods of time.

Quality and comfort in the workplace

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Adjustable Tables

Allows you to alternate
between sitting and
standing throughout the workday

Ergonomic and height adjustable

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Comfort and performance
solutions for your
work environment

Effectively fitting the workplace to the task

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Reduces hyperextension
movement, and reduces
work-related injuries

Improves user performance

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Medical Chairs

Designed to offer maximum
comfort and security
for multiple applications.

Accessible to patients of all sizes

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Laboratory tables

Improves posture while
providing easy access
to material and equipment

Developed following workplace observations

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Gel cushions

Relieves pressure point
sores and added comfort
in seated position

Reduce pain and enhance posture

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Specifics Needs

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