Designed for gynecology and general ultrasound

The ergonomic design of the ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY allows healthcare professionals to get closer to patients during exams, which limits the potential for injuries related to stretching. The stirrups are designed to improve patient comfort during exams and can be removed when not required.

Maximum safe working load of 450 lb.

120 V – 2.7 AMP – 60 Hz


Fowler angle:
0° to 80°

21 to 40 inches

Leg section:
0° to –90°


Standard: 27 x 71 inches
Custom dimensions available

10 x 12 inches

–12° electric Trendelenburg

Lifetime warranty
on steel structure and welds;

three-year warranty on electrical components;

two-year warranty on mobile parts

Completely designed and engineered in Canada

LA: Optional removable handles help patients position themselves on the treatment table. Handle 4800 GY


Easy-to-use hand control with either three or four settings.

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Hand controller

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Hand controller

BO-3: Optional button control panel can be attached to the side of the treatment table, reducing amount of loose cables.

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Button panel

CS-17: Optional fully retractable side rails (17 x 6 inches) use a  secure mechanism to keep your patients safe.

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Side rails

ARM-BG: Optional articulated arm board (20 x 6 inches) attaches to the side of the treatment table and is easily removable.

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Articulated arm board

MA-4C: Optional 4-inch-thick high-density foam mattress with removable OB opening.

Standard: 3-inch-thick high-density foam mattress.

MA-4T: Optional 4-inch-thick high-density foam mattress


Fabric is tested for a range of common hospital and clinic cleaning products. It is Oxivir and Virox resistant—a must when infection control is a priority.

PE-2: Removable and soft, these stirrups are comfortable warmer than standard stirrups.

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Stirrups

PT-6: Optional adjustable stainless steel IV pole can be attached to either side.

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY IV pole

PD-1S, PD-1, PD-3LIN, PD-4LIN: Optional single, double, triple, or quadruple foot switch for hands-free adjustments.

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Foot controller

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Foot controller

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Foot controller

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Foot controller

Easy-to-use central locking system with 5-inch twin wheels.

Brakes 4800 GY

SP-1: Optional paper dispenser.

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY Paper dispenser



Standard colours

Special orders

ECHO-FLEX 4800-GY treatment table