Medical equipment for hospitals

Discover medical equipment for hospitals: ultrasound and gynecology tables, hospital treatment chairs, adjustable medical furniture and more.

Medical equipment, Ibiom

Medical equipment for hospitals features a selection of ergonomic medical furniture that ensures the comfort and safety of patients and healthcare professionals in all departments of the facility.

For example, to ensure the well-being of patients in oncology, nephrology and chemotherapy departments, treatment chairs designed to provide long-lasting comfort and relieve cramps are available. ECHO-FLEX examination tables offer several configuration options to adapt to the constraints specific to radiology, gynecology or cardiology.

Height-adjustable instrument tables using electrical mechanisms facilitate the work of healthcare professionals in operating theaters and reduce the risk of injury. Orthopedic and occupational therapy accessories, such as gel cushions and molded foam positioners, provide increased postural support for bedridden patients and prevent the development of pressure sores.

To learn more about our selection of ergonomic medical equipment for hospitals, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts. We can discuss your needs and find the right medical furniture for your establishment and your budget.

Are you looking for specific medical equipment?

Ibiom has ergonomic medical equipment for all types of health care establishments: hospitals, medical clinics, medical practices, seniors' residences and others.

Medical equipment for radiology, radiotherapy, and medical imaging

Using ergonomic medical equipment in hospital radiology, radiation therapy, and medical imaging departments helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders and occupational injuries among medical staff.

Learn more about the ECHO-FLEX treatment tables, designed to allow technologists to work near the patient, the XYZ positioning table, which optimizes the use of hospital radiation rooms, and the ERGO XR2 imaging chair, which facilitates the positioning of patients with limited mobility during X-ray imaging.

Medical equipment for cardiology and echocardiography

During echocardiography, medical imaging technologists must adopt awkward postures and perform repetitive motions, putting them at increased risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain. By equipping themselves with ergonomic medical equipment, hospitals can prevent these injuries.

Discover the different models of ECHO-FLEX treatment tables and their ergonomic features, ensuring safe echocardiography exams for patients and medical staff.

Medical equipment for gynecology and ultrasound

Using ergonomic, easily adjustable, task-specific medical equipment in hospital gynecology centers is one way to prevent chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders among healthcare professionals.

Learn more about the ECHO-FLEX treatment table models specially designed for gynecological examinations, including removable stirrups and an opening to facilitate endovaginal ultrasound.

Medical equipment, Ibiom

Medical equipment for oncology

Treatment chairs are essential medical equipment in hospital oncology and cancer centers, where cancer treatments are administered.

Discover treatment chairs designed to promote patient well-being while allowing medical staff to work efficiently and ergonomically: the TRIAD treatment chair provides optimal comfort for patients during long-term treatments, and the Foster recliner is a versatile and ergonomic treatment chair.

Medical equipment for chemotherapy

Hospitals where chemotherapy treatments are performed must have specialized medical equipment, including treatment chairs designed for long-term treatment. Learn more about the criteria to consider when choosing a treatment chair for chemotherapy.

Learn about the features and functionality of the TRIAD treatment chair, an ergonomic piece of medical equipment designed for patient and caregiver comfort.

Medical equipment, Ibiom

Medical equipment for nephrology and dialysis

Treatment chairs are indispensable pieces of medical equipment in hospital dialysis centers. Choosing an ergonomic, sturdy and comfortable treatment chair, such as the TRIAD, has several advantages for patients and healthcare professionals.

Find out how the TRIAD treatment chair improves patient comfort and well-being during dialysis treatment and learn more about its many features to optimize the work of medical staff.

Medical equipment for emergency services

Reducing the need for excessive force to move patients or awkward task-inappropriate postures, using ergonomic medical equipment in hospital emergency departments helps prevent occupational injuries among healthcare workers.

Discover the benefits of ergonomic treatment chairs, including the HEMA+ chair and Foster patient chair, and learn more about adjustable height workstations.

Medical equipment for nuclear medicine and scintigraphy

Ergonomic treatment chairs are the recommended medical equipment for hospitals’ nuclear medicine and CT departments. Learn more about the criteria to consider when choosing a suitable treatment chair for nuclear medicine and scintigraphy.

Learn about the functionality and ergonomic features of the HEMA+ treatment chair, ensuring comfort for both the patient and the healthcare professional.

Medical equipment for orthopedics and occupational therapy

Orthopedic and occupational therapy medical equipment recommended for hospitals includes gel orthopedic cushions, molded foam positioners, and pressure-relieving mattresses.

Learn more about how this medical equipment can help prevent postural problems and pressure ulcers in mobility-impaired and bedridden patients and discover their key features.

Medical equipment, Ibiom

Medical equipment for the operating room and surgery

Using height-adjustable medical furniture in hospital operating rooms decreases the risk of injury by allowing each healthcare professional to work in an ergonomic position tailored to their body type.

Learn more about the importance of using ergonomic medical equipment in the operating room and discover the key features of the adjustable height instrument table for the operating room.

Medical equipment for intensive care

Ergonomic medical equipment for hospital intensive care units allows healthcare professionals to work safely and comfortably, preventing musculoskeletal disorders or chronic pain.

Learn more about the critical care treatment table, the Foster patient recliner, and ergonomic medical furniture, including height-adjustable workstations and hand hygiene utility shelves.

Medical equipment, Ibiom

Medical equipment for COVID and others

Medical equipment for COVID and others is designed to help prevent the spread of infection, a major issue in all healthcare facilities, including hospitals.

Discover the key features and functionality of the portable isolation chamber, compatible with the majority of transport stretchers on the market today, and learn more about the patient care bed stretcher.

Do you have specific needs?

Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

Do you have specific needs?

Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

Medical equipment, Ibiom

High quality ergonomic medical equipment

IBIOM is proud to offer healthcare professionals and their patients ergonomic and comfortable medical equipment that meets high quality standards.