Why choose IBIOM products?

There are many reasons to choose IBIOM products, but here are three things that set us apart from our competition:

  • We develop our products through actual observations in the workplace and establishing collaborations with health workers.
  • We were the first Canadian custom manufacturer of ergonomic health-related products.
  • We offer high-quality products backed by the best warranty in the industry.
More about IBIOM

What makes an IBIOM product worth more than a product produced overseas?

We really believe that investing in quality saves money in the long run.

IBIOM products are designed to provide the most ergonomic working conditions for healthcare workers, which can greatly reduce workplace injuries. Fewer injuries means less sick leave, which ultimately saves healthcare institutions money and improves profitability.

IBIOM products are designed to last and are backed by the best warranties in the business. We want our customers to come back because they know they get good value for their money, not because they need to replace equipment that didn’t last. So we produce high-quality ergonomic equipment that can stand up to many, many years of use.

We also believe in returning value to our community. More than 28% of the purchase price goes back to the government (as taxes or other duties). We also provide local value through partnerships and job creation, ensuring a strong ecosystem of reinvestment.

Our R&D process

Can I visit the IBIOM
production facility?

Of course! We would be happy to welcome you. Get in touch to plan your visit.

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About IBIOM products

I have an old ECHO-FLEX model 4500 treatment table. Can I order a new mattress and change the dimensions?

Of course! Contact us with the serial number (four digits) of the treatment table, and we will promptly provide you with a quote and a sketch.


Is it possible to integrate gel into the seat of a three-section treatment table?

Absolutely. Custom requests can be included when you request a quote.

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Can the dynamic armrest be installed on any chair?

The dynamic IB-12 armrest can be installed on all the Ergocentric seats we distribute, as well as on most other chairs with armrests available on the market.

I need a height-adjustable table with a specific size and shape. Is that something IBIOM can provide?

All our electrical height-adjustable tables are made to measure and can be adapted to your specifications. We can also adjust the minimum and maximum heights to suit your needs.

Are IBIOM products safe?

Our products are rigorously tested to guarantee safety and reliability over the long term. Our products also exceed Health Canada’s standard quality and safety requirements.

How we test

Do IBIOM products require a lot of maintenance?

No. We design our products to be very low maintenance, and each product component is selected and designed to minimize maintenance.