Medical equipment for nephrology and dialysis

Nephrology and dialysis

Nephrology is a branch of medicine that studies the functioning of the kidneys and focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of kidney disease. Nephrologists are responsible for the management of patients with kidney failure. This disease results from the inability of the kidneys to filter waste products from the blood properly and to excrete certain hormones. There are several ways to treat kidney failures, such as diet modification and medication. Dialysis becomes necessary at a particular stage of the disease, especially in chronic end-stage renal disease.

Dialysis is a replacement therapy that filters the blood and removes waste products in place of the kidneys. The two main types of dialysis are peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. Peritoneal dialysis treatments are often performed at home, while hemodialysis treatments are usually performed in hospitals, nephrology centers, and dialysis clinics.

To ensure the comfort of medical staff and to reduce the risk of occupational injuries, it is essential that healthcare facilities have ergonomically designed medical equipment.

In addition, since dialysis treatments are frequent (three times a week) and long (3 to 5 hours), the medical equipment must also ensure patient comfort.

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Medical equipment used in nephrology and dialysis clinics

The primary dialysis treatment performed in nephrology clinics is hemodialysis. This treatment requires the use of specialized medical equipment for nephrology and dialysis. This equipment consists of a medical device: the dialyzer, also called “artificial kidney”. The patient’s blood is pumped into the dialyzer. This machine filters the blood, removes waste products, and then returns the purified blood to the body. During dialysis, the patient may be placed on a bed or in a treatment chair. Because hemodialysis is a treatment that lasts for several hours, treatment facilities use sturdy, comfortable treatment chairs that are specially designed for long-term treatments. In addition, studies have shown that exercising during dialysis positively affects patients’ health and well-being. As a result, some dialysis clinics are equipping themselves with small exercise bikes to allow patients to pedal during their treatment.

Medical equipment for nephrology and dialysis: treatment chairs

Treatment chairs are part of the medical equipment frequently used in dialysis clinics. The treatment chair is used by the patient, who spends many hours sitting in it, and by the nursing staff, who interact daily with the medical furniture. That’s why hospitals and care clinics prefer to use treatment chairs that offer features designed for both patients and healthcare professionals. For example, the risk of musculoskeletal injuries to caregivers working in dialysis centers is particularly high when setting up the patient, especially when manipulating the chair to recline the patient. Thus, the risk of occupational injuries can be reduced by using a treatment chair that is easily adjustable using electric mechanisms.

For the patient, it is essential that the treatment chair is adjustable and allows the patient to maintain a comfortable position throughout the treatment. In addition, treatment chairs can be equipped with various accessories to help the patient be independent during dialysis. For example, some chairs can be equipped with a swivel side table, allowing the patient to keep personal belongings close by, or an electrically adjustable footrest, which the patient can adjust to relieve cramping. The TRIAD treatment chair is an example of a chair that meets these criteria and is recommended for use in nephrology and dialysis clinics. It is also suitable for other medical applications, such as oncology and chemotherapy.

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Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

Do you have specific needs?

Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

The TRIAD treatment chair for nephrology and dialysis

The TRIAD treatment chair has many features that focus on the patient’s well-being. To create a piece of equipment that offers optimal comfort over long periods, the manufacturer of the TRIAD treatment chair has collaborated with experts in positioning. For example, the seamless cushions are molded to reduce pressure points and prevent the patient from sliding. The TRIAD footrest is electrically and manually adjustable. This means the patient can easily reposition the footrest when his legs cramp up. The TRIAD also has a standard headrest made of molded viscose foam. The headrest is adjustable in height and can be removed entirely. Several optional accessories are also available, including a removable miniature exercise bike that mounts directly on the footrest. In short, the TRIAD treatment chair offers several features that help the patient maintain a comfortable and ergonomic position for the duration of the dialysis.

The TRIAD treatment chair also offers many features to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals. For example, this chair is equipped with electric mechanisms and several adjustment options (e.g., chair height, backrest inclination, pivoting and removable armrests, etc.). The medical staff can, therefore, easily adjust the position of the chair according to the task at hand to avoid adopting an uncomfortable or restrictive posture. A 13 cm clearance is also provided under the chair structure to allow the use of a lift. For ease of movement, the chair has fixed carrying handles and four wheels that can be locked with a central brake system. All in all, the TRIAD treatment chair is a reliable and durable piece of medical equipment, making it an excellent long-term investment. It also has great warranties, including a lifetime steel frame and welds warranty. And because this medical equipment is designed and manufactured entirely in Canada, replacement parts are rapidly available if needed.

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Other medical equipment for nephrology and dialysis

Sometimes, during dialysis, the patient is placed on a bed or stretcher rather than on a treatment chair. In this case, hospitals usually opt for a bed with adjustable height and reclining backrest. The ECHO-FLEX treatment tables are suitable for this purpose. Occasionally, a family member may accompany the patient receiving dialysis treatment. Nephrology and dialysis clinics, therefore, often need visitor chairs. Several models of chairs and armchairs are specifically designed for use in the medical sector. Foster chairs are a good example. They are made of a durable steel frame and are easy to clean, as the seat covers are removable.

The Foster collection also includes tables, benches, and ottomans. This furniture is available in various colors and with different customization options. It is, therefore, a piece of medical equipment that can be easily integrated into different care environments. Nephrology clinics also need specialized office furniture for the medical sector. To prevent fatigue and back pain among healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities can opt for height-adjustable tables and desks. These allow for work in a sit-to-stand position and promote movement throughout the day.