Designed for patient comfort during dialysis, oncology, and chemotherapy treatments

For treatments that require substantial chair time, there is no better option for patient comfort than the TRIAD. Developed and adjusted with feedback from patients and healthcare professionals, the TRIAD was designed with all users in mind.

Maximum capacity of 450 lb.

120 V – 4.0 AMP – 60 Hz

Battery pack available (BAT-TRIAD)


Seat height:
20 to 28 inches

Fowler angle:
0° to 80°

Leg angle:
0° to –50°

Armrest angle:
0° to 100°(horizontal); 0° to 90°(vertical)

Footrest height:
± 6 inches


24 x 77 inches

19.25 inches (H) x 7.25 inches (W)

–10° electric Trendelenburg in 8.8 seconds

Lifetime warranty
on steel structure and welds;

three-year warranty on electrical components;

two-year warranty on mobile parts

Completely designed and engineered in Canada

Moulded viscose foam pillow comes standard.

TRIAD pillow

Provide easy grip when moving the chair as well as protecting the mattress from impact.

Easy-to-use controller with five adjustments.

TRIAD hand controller

Designed for maximum patient comfort:

  • Injected viscose foam ensures optimal density in each section of the mattress, reducing pressure points.
  • Cushions provide excellent lumbar support.
  • Seam-free cushions in each section are shaped to help the patient stay in the proper position throughout treatment.

TRIAD mattress

Fabric is antimicrobial-treated and tested for a range of common hospital and clinic cleaning products. It is Oxivir and Virox resistant—a must when infection control is a priority.

SHELF: Optional swivel table (13 x 17 inches) that can be moved from one side to the other, or be removed.

SHELF-TAB: Optional retractable tray tables (6 x 12 inches) attached to each armrest.

TRIAD tray table

TRIAD tray table

Arms swivel, lift, and can be easily removed for easy access to the chair. They are also synchronized with the backrest for increased comfort.

Arms can swivel to the interior to accommodate smaller patients.

TRIAD tray table

SEP-01: Available enclosure plates may improve comfort for some patients.

TRIAD enclosure plate

Electrically adjustable footrest improves patient comfort and helps prevent leg cramps. (Can be removed, with a credit given.)

MEBT: Optional miniature exercise bike can be installed on the footrest to facilitate patient exercise during treatment time.

TRIAD mini bike exercise

5-inch twin casters feature easy-to-use central locking system, available from any caster.

EMFS: Emergency foot controller for safe and hands-free Trendelenburg in 8.8 seconds is available.