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Discover the medical equipment and ergonomic medical furniture distributed by IBIOM: medical stools, examination tables, treatment chairs and more.

Medical equipment, Ibiom

Medical equipment provided by IBIOM includes medical chairs and stools, treatment tables, treatment chairs, support and mobility equipment, gel cushions and pads, and instrument tables. All of this medical equipment has been chosen for its quality, reliability and durability.

They were also selected for their ergonomic design, helping to prevent the onset of chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders in healthcare professionals. For example, medical stools, treatment tables and instrument tables are easily adjusted and allow medical staff to adopt a comfortable and non-binding posture depending on the procedure or examination to be performed. The medical equipment provided by IBIOM is also focused on patient comfort and safety.

For example, support and mobility accessories help prevent falls and improve the freedom of movement of patients in bathrooms and hospital rooms. Cushions and gel pads provide increased postural support for patients with reduced mobility and reduce the risk of developing pressure sores.

To learn more about the medical equipment offered by IBIOM and to obtain expert advice, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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Ibiom has ergonomic medical equipment for all types of health care establishments:
hospital, medical clinic, doctor's office, seniors' residence and others.

Ergonomic medical chairs and stools

Healthcare professionals use medical chairs and stools to perform a variety of examinations, care, and treatments in hospitals, medical clinics, private practices, and many other healthcare facilities. Ergonomic medical chairs and stools, which are easily adjustable to the user and the task at hand, help prevent the onset of chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders in healthcare professionals. Learn more about the HÅG Model 200 and Capisco ergonomic medical chairs. Also, learn about the benefits of ergonomic medical stools with saddle-shaped seating, such as the HS Pony Saddle 200 FR and the IBIOM Saddle Stool.

Treatment tables

Treatment tables are an essential piece of medical equipment in healthcare facilities. Healthcare professionals use them to perform various medical treatments and examinations, such as echocardiograms and gynecological exams. Discover the benefits of using an ergonomic, height-adjustable treatment table with electric mechanisms. Learn more about the features and functionality of the different models of ECHO-FLEX ergonomic medical tables, which help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and occupational injuries among medical personnel. Also, learn about the features of the Patient Care Stretcher Bed, a treatment table designed for critical care.

Gel pads and plates

Gel cushions and gel plates are medical devices used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, seniors’ residences, and other healthcare facilities. They aim to prevent postural problems and pressure sores in patients who must spend most of the day sitting. Medical orthopedic cushions provide greater comfort over more extended periods and offer increased postural support. They can easily accommodate many types of seating, such as wheelchairs and nursing chairs. Discover the benefits and key features of gel pads and plates. Learn more about the flat gel cushion, cubic gel cushion, and ViscoConfort foam positioners.

Instrument tables

Instrument tables are medical equipment used to arrange surgical instruments during major or minor surgery. They are used in hospital operating rooms and various healthcare facilities, such as outpatient clinics and private practices. To reduce the risk of injury and chronic pain for healthcare professionals, it is recommended that a height-adjustable instrument table be used. Learn more about the benefits of using an ergonomic instrument table. Discover the principal models available, including the TO-6000 and TO-7000 adjustable instrument tables for the operating room and the portable height-adjustable workstation, which offers a versatile work surface for small procedures.

Treatment chairs

Treatment chairs are medical equipment healthcare professionals use to provide patient care in healthcare facilities, including hospitals, private medical clinics, and seniors’ residences. Several models of ergonomic treatment chairs are available depending on the intended use. Learn more about the criteria to consider when choosing a treatment chair. Find out different types of ergonomic treatment chairs recommended for different uses: treatment chairs for general examinations, treatment chairs for long-term treatment, and treatment chairs for care in seniors’ residences.

Support and mobility equipment

Mobility and support equipment is used in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and seniors’ residences, to improve the safety and independence of patients with limited mobility. This medical equipment can be installed in any room, such as the bathroom, bedroom, and dining room, to provide comfort and safety for patients who have difficulty performing specific movements. Learn more about the benefits of using support and mobility equipment in healthcare facilities. Discover a wide selection of support and mobility accessories, including bath and shower seats, safety poles, safety rails, grab bars, and bed trapezes.

Do you have specific needs?

Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and direct you
to the range of products best suited to your needs.

Do you have specific needs?

Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

Medical equipment, Ibiom

High quality ergonomic medical equipment

IBIOM is proud to offer healthcare professionals and their patients ergonomic and comfortable medical equipment that meets high quality standards.