HÅG furniture for hospitals

HÅG medical equipment: movement-oriented design

The equipment manufactured by the Norwegian company HÅG consists of high-quality ergonomic chairs for office workers, healthcare professionals, and nursing staff who regularly work in a sitting position. Specifically, HÅG furniture consists mainly of office chairs and stools.

This equipment has a different design to keep the worker moving throughout the day. Incorporating the human body’s natural movement into medical equipment is at the heart of the design philosophy of ergonomic seating manufacturer HÅG. HÅG’s equipment is designed in line with the concept of active sitting: to ensure a good level of energy throughout the day and to avoid injuries and back pain, it is important for the workers to vary their position, even if they have to remain seated to perform their tasks. That’s why HÅG’s equipment has a design that encourages variation in posture while maintaining an upright posture.

Furthermore, HÅG equipment is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability. The HÅG seating manufacturer also adheres to high environmental standards and advocates for a circular economy in the design of its equipment. For example, HÅG equipment is made from a limited number of materials and is simple to disassemble for easy recycling of parts.

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HÅG medical equipment: the Capisco chair range

Among the HÅG equipment popular with medical professionals is the HÅG Capisco chair. This equipment has received several awards for its innovative design with a saddle-shaped seat. The original version of the HÅG Capisco chair is recommended for employees who work long hours sitting at their workstations. This HÅG equipment promotes an ergonomic posture throughout the day, as the worker can sit in several positions: front, side, and back.

The professional using this equipment can easily find a position that suits them and change it when they are no longer sitting comfortably. By adapting to the body’s natural movement, HÅG equipment helps reduce injuries associated with sitting for long periods. It is designed for shorter work sessions. It is often used in meeting rooms and reception areas. In short, Capisco chairs are among the HÅG equipment recommended for medical professionals and workers in hospitals and other care facilities.

This equipment is suitable for both examination rooms and laboratory work.

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Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

Do you have specific needs?

Our team of professionals at Ibiom is there to advise you and guide you towards the range of products best suited to your needs.

Customization options for HÅG medical equipment

HÅG’s Capisco line of equipment, such as the Capisco 8106 chair, has various customization options to fit the specifics of different workstations in hospitals and medical clinics. For example, on some Capisco chairs, an optional “footrest” ring is available. This allows the worker to vary the position of his feet while remaining comfortably seated.

In addition, Capisco chairs can be equipped with carpet wheels or wheels for hard surfaces. Various adjustment mechanisms are also included on HÅG equipment to increase the comfort of healthcare professionals (headrest adjustment, seat height, depth adjustment, tilt tension adjustment, etc.). The Capisco line of equipment is also suitable for personnel who work at a height-adjustable desk. Indeed, this equipment is designed to move easily from a sitting to a standing position.

Finally, the Capsico HÅG chair is available as a saddle stool, the Capisco Saddle 8105. This stool offers the same ergonomic saddle-shaped seat as the Capisco chairs but in a backless version for increased freedom of movement.