Designed for gynecology, general ultrasound, and as an exam table

We know that busy health centres need affordable medical furniture that can serve multiple purposes. We have designed the ECHO-FLEX 4400-GY treatment table which allows healthcare professionals to get closer to patients, minimizing hyperextension and improving patient comfort.

Maximum safe working load of 350 lb.

120 V – 2.7 AMP – 60 Hz


Fowler angle:
0° to 80°

24.5 to 36.5 inches

Leg section:
0° to –90°


27 x 71 inches

Lifetime warranty
on steel structure and welds;

three-year warranty on electrical components;

two-year warranty on mobile parts

Completely designed and engineered in Canada

Easy-to-use hand control with three settings.

ECHO-FLEX 4400-GY hand controller

BO-3: Optional button control panel can be attached to the side of the treatment table, reducing amount of loose cables.

ECHO-FLEX 4400-GY button panel

CS-24: Optional fully retractable side rails (24 x 9 inches) use a strong, secure mechanism to keep your patients safe.

ECHO-FLEX 4400-GY side rails

Standard: 3-inch-thick high-density foam mattress.

MA-4T: Optional 4-inch-thick high-density foam mattress.

Fabric is tested for a range of common hospital and clinic cleaning products. It is Oxivir and Virox resistant—a must when infection control is a priority.

PE-2: Removable and soft, these stirrups are comfortable and warmer than standard stirrups.

PD-1S, PD-1, PD-3LIN: Optional single, double, or triple foot switch for hands-free adjustments.

ECHO-FLEX 4400-GY foot controller

ECHO-FLEX 4400-GY double foot controller

ECHO-FLEX 4400-GY triple foot controller

Individually locking 4-inch twin wheels.

SP-1: Paper dispenser.

ECHO-FLEX 4400-GY paper dispenser



Standard colours

Special orders

ECHO-FLEX 4400-GY treatment table