TRIAD Hemodialysis/Oncology/
Chemotherapy Treatment Chair

The TRIAD treatment chair is a fully equipped chair with a central brake system, the Trendelenburg option and handles. There are also several other options including: the rechargeable battery pack and the removable shelf. This chair eases the work of the medical staff because the patient himself can adjust the chair. The dialysis treatment chair can be moved without having to handle the power cord and ensures safety for people of all sizes. For more information on our TRIAD dialysis-oncology-chemotherapy chair

HEMA+ Multifunctional Chair

HEMA+ is a multifunctional ergonomic chair that can accommodate a very large proportion of the clientele. The chair allows the medical staff to take advantage of an ideal position for examination. The adjustments can also be made by the patient, easing the work of the medical staff.  The multifunctional chair provides the Trendelenburg emergency position.  This option allows you to position patient head down in case of weakness or vagal shock. For more information on our multifunctional chair

ERGO XR Imaging Armchair

The ERGO XR is a fully adjustable imaging chair that allows you to take front and side radiographic images. This chair allows you to get a complete picture when the Bucky is lowered.  The ERGO XR imaging chair has a retractable armrest and backrest which facilitates taking images while securing the patient. The ERGO XR reduces the risk of falls during patient transfers and it is easy to access for smaller patients. For more information on our imaging chair.

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